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Nuevo Observatorio Virtual Argentino (NOVA) is an instrument for coordinating the efforts of the participating institutions in Argentina to achieve greater efficiency and productivity in the access, management and analysis of multiwavelength astronomical observations.

NOVA encourages the participation of all astronomical institutions in Argentina to promote the generation and integration of information technology with special emphasis on the statistical analysis of data and management of astronomical images, the integration of local data to standards agreed by the International Virtual Observatory, coordination of the different astronomical resources, and the outreach of Astronomy as an educational tool, known as E-learning.

The astronomical information stored in the database is public and can be used by astronomers, researchers from other fields , students and the general public, both through our own server and by other tools compatible with international standards (such as Aladin).

NOVA is a development of:

And it counts on the colaboration of the Astronomical Institutes of Argentina:

Access to NOVA Data Center

NOVA is implemented using GAVO DACHs technology and it's member of International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA)

The December 2016 issue of the IVOA Newsletter is now available at
This biannual newsletter for astronomers is intended to highlight new capabilities of VO tools and technologies for doing astronomy research. It also lists recent papers and upcoming events.
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  2. Aliyun becomes strategic partner of the China-VO
  3. Virtual Observatory India News
  4. APOGEO (Automatic POrtal GEneratOr)
  5. CASSIS New Release
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